The future will be defined by technology. The time to leverage these trends is now. It’s an exciting time to be in business and a world of transformational opportunities awaits.
Technology is optimizing our planet, business by business, industry by industry and country by country. The public and private sectors are both increasing efficiency and reducing waste.
Trend Mastery is committed to helping you stay ahead of the curve. Our diversified and global experience result in a perspective you won’t find anywhere else.


Trend Mastery focuses on 6 primary technologies, each merging with and contributing to the others. These technologies can never be viewed in isolation, but their categorization allows for structured evaluations within the context of our clients’ existing business models. These primary technologies are:

Big Data & Algorithms

Mobile smartphones, wireless sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT) has resulted in an explosion of data and the creation and perpetual improvement of predictive algorithms. We are optimizing our planet, business by business, industry by industry and country by country.

Artificial Intelligence

Companies like AlphaGo (acquired by Google in 2014) are pioneering innovation in neural networks and deep learning, allowing computers to learn and improve autonomously. Over the next 20 years, varying levels of AI will be incorporated in all electric devices.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Pokemon GO was released in July 2016 and demonstrated the enormous power of augmented reality. These filters will soon be available through virtual reality headsets outfitted with cameras on the outside, allowing for truly immersive AR experiences in the real world.

Autonomous Vehicles

Fully autonomous cars will be on our roads within 5 years, and they will revolutionize our cities in the process. Traffic, parking and the use of fossil fuels will all be cut in half, allowing for a cleaner and more efficient future.

Blockchain Protocol

Bitcoin may or may not survive, but Blockchain is here to stay. Countries like the Philippines are developing Blockchain financial networks to facilitate remittances from expats around the world. Interestingly, those threatened most by Blockchain are the ones investing the most in it.

Social Media

The social media revolution is still in its infancy. Digital marketing channels are being democratized, disproportionately benefiting small businesses and self-employed professionals. Future developments will focus on aggregation platforms that deliver the value while cutting out the noise.

Trend Mastery studies these technologies from a marketing perspective, looking for opportunities that are congruent with our clients’ business strengths and market positioning. Contact us to see how we can expand your future profitability.

Trend Mastery offers strategic consulting for executive decision-makers, identifying technology trends and the business opportunities they create. Technology is evolving along an exponential trajectory and disruptive innovation is the reality for today’s business environment. Business models that appear vastly inferior today might become dominant tomorrow. Meanwhile, few businesses have the bandwidth or willingness to actively disrupt their own business models. That means disruptive innovation rarely comes from direct competitors. Instead, it comes from “adjacent markets” including suppliers, customers and peripheral players within your industry.

The process of strategic planning requires an awareness of the relevant trends and emerging technologies. That’s what Trend Mastery does. We follow a 4-step process to evaluate your unique set of strengths and weaknesses, understand the competitive landscape and combine it with the trends and technologies redefining the field. The result is a strategic plan that leverages tomorrow’s opportunities and is simultaneously realistic to pursue today.

Contact Trend Mastery to discuss your future business objectives. We’re geeks. We love this stuff!


We’ve worked with clients in dozens of different industries, and located in almost every region of the world.

Past clients include governments (including those of the Cayman Islands, India, Bahrain and the Basque Region of Spain), academic institutions (including Purdue and Stanford Universities) and dozens of industry-leading businesses. Trend Mastery will provide perspective and straight-forward guidance in an increasingly cluttered competitive landscape.