There are over 200,000 taxi cab drivers in the United States and over 3.5 million truck drivers, not to mention all the other countries around the world. Autonomous driving vehicles are being tested by a variety of companies already and we can expect these cars to be on our roads by 2020. Once fully developed and legalized, they will make a big impact quickly. Not only will the taxi cab and truck drivers lose their jobs, but people will stop buying cars and will simply ‘buy miles’ instead. Packages will include 500 miles per month or 1,000 miles per month or 1,500 miles per month. In addition, those who still own vehicles will be able to lease them back to the fleet when they’re not using them, providing extra income along the way.

Autonomous driving vehicles will cut traffic and parking in half. They will revolutionize our cities as well as our way of life. Car ownership will become a hobby for car enthusiasts. The average person will buy mileage packages instead. And since vehicles represent the second largest monthly bill for most people (behind their housing payment), this transition will increase the standard of living as well. The changes will be far reaching and companies need to project their business model into this unfamiliar future if they wish to profit from the trend.

Trend Mastery follows the advancements in autonomous vehicles, not just from a technology perspective but also from the legislative perspective. We will soon reach a critical mass where legislation will move quickly. Once that happens, the flood gates will open and industries will be turned upside down. This is coming much faster than most people realize. Keep in mind that it only takes about 11 years to replace the entire fleet of vehicles. Don’t be caught off guard. We will see significant changes before 2025.

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