Trend Mastery follows a simple 4-step process when working with clients.


We conduct interviews with your executive team, either individually or in a group, to evaluate your strategic objectives, market position and strategic opportunities


The evaluation is combined with our knowledge of technology trends, identifying opportunities that can be exploited with your existing assets, human capital and market position.


A second meeting is scheduled to present our initial findings and request additional feedback and guidance. Our research process then shifts to a SWOT analysis approach.


We present our final recommendations either in person or in written report format. If requested, we can then move on to feasibility studies and implementation roadmaps.

All of our client relationships begin with our standard evaluation process. The cost is $40,000 USD (plus travel expenses, if applicable). Subsequent, more detailed recommendations are quoted according to the project scope, revenue impact and profit potential.

Trend Mastery focuses on exponential technologies. We look for 10x opportunities. Our recommendations will not be incremental. We will look for opportunities to revolutionize your industry. We may even look at strategies to invalidate your current business model entirely, replacing it with a next generation alternative. And we will look for ‘adjacent market’ opportunities to expand your business while invalidating other business models adjacent to your own. Our services are best utilized in preparation of strategic planning sessions and/or executive retreats.